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The True Colours Of Friendship

Part 3

Ada: Hahaha!
Trean: Woo!
Toxic: LOL, this is fun!
Merapi: I love this place!
*The dragons are bouncing on the floating palm trees, trees which float in the air and are very bouncy.*
Coal: It's awesome here! We should come back another day, when there's more of us!
Ada: Your right.
Trean: Yeah! *Over-excited* Woo! This place is the best-- *bangs into Toxic.*
Toxic: OW! Evil child! You hurt me.
Trean: Sorry. But you are fat.
Toxic: Excuse ME?!
Trean: It's a joke, don't worry.
Toxic: Well then, your fluffy.
Trean: Oh my god, fail insult. And I'm scaly.
Toxic: FLUFFY.
Trean: FAT.
Trean: Yes, I know you are.
Toxic: *Realises Trean's won this one.* Damn you. Just you wait until next time...
Coal: What the heck was all that about? Trean, your not fluffy or over-excitable or a freak. Toxic--
Toxic: I'm not fat.
Coal: Just what I wasn't going to say.
Toxic: Thanks--hold on, wasn't going to say?
Coal: Oops...
Ada: Ah, drop it Toxic, they're joking.
Merapi: FAT!
Toxic: *points* He made it worse!!!
Ada: Shut it Merapi.
Merapi: It was funny.
Ada: Nuh, not really.
Trean: Can we play for a bit? I'm bored.
Ada: TAG! YOUR IT! 8D *hits Trean*
Trean: Grr... Oh no I'm not. *Hits Ada back*
Ada: Whut the heck. *Hits Merapi*
Merapi: *frantically and aimlessly bitch slaps whoever is in front of him and hits Coal*
Coal: Damn you. *runs for Toxic*
Toxic: Oh-ho, you can feck off aswell! *runs off and falls off palm tree*
Coal: Fail.
Ada: *Whooshes down and smashes into Toxic moving upwards* BITCH.
Toxic: Wasn't me.
Trean: Ah right who's on?
Coal: Meh! *tags Trean*
Trean: COW.
Ada: Stop with the name calling! *licks Trean and blushes* will that stop you...?
Trean: Woah... I guess...
Ada: Pfft... good.
Ada: *Embarressed blush* Shut it. *shoves Merapi*
Merapi: *is shoved* Hehe.
Toxic: Come on, let's go and get some of the others out to play!
Coal: Ok! How about Stardust...?
Ada: Okay!I think we should get Hazard out, too. *flies off*
Trean: Yeah, and how about Lightning? *flies after Ada*
Merapi: Yeah, them three! *follows Trean*
*Coal and Toxic follow close behind.*
Ada: Wait... Who's that over there?
???: Oh, hey guys!
Toxic: Isn't that... Stardust?
Trean: With Rorita.
Ada: It is. Let's go over and see them - wait, Trean, how do you know what Rorita looks like?
Trean: You told me. It LOOKS like her to me.
Ada: Oh, did I...?
Trean: Yeah... let's just see them.
Rorita: Hello!
Ada: Hey!
Merapi: Hi!
Toxic: Hiya.
Coal: Yo.
Lighting: Where were you all headed?
Merapi: I wanna go to 'the lair of the unknown' as Toxic would call it.
Toxic: Ooh, yeah!
Rorita: The what?
Lightning: Explain please?
Toxic: Well... we were going to knock on Merapi, and he lives on the other side of the cave on the beach.
Coal: Well then we went into the wrong cave, somehow. I mean, since when has there been two?
Lightning: Beats me. There's always been one in my eyes.
Rorita: Well, what happened? I'm curious over here!
Trean: We went through and found this huge castle, and it was surrounded by a floor full of rotten dragon bones and flesh.
Rorita: Do I know you?
Trean: ....
Lightning: Rorita, I think this is Trean, Ada's new friend. She said his name before.
Rorita: Ohh...
Trean: Yeah, I'm Trean.
Rorita: Nice to meet you... I'm Rorita.
Lightning: Yeah, it is. And I'm Lightning.
Trean: Okay... what was I saying? Oh yeah, then we heard a roar and we raced out. Coal crapped himself.
Coal: I did NOT!
Toxic: You did.
Coal: I DID--
Merapi: ANYWAY... can we go and see it? I really wanna--
Toxic: GET EATEN? Because that's porbably what will happen if we stay there too long, right Ada?
Rorita: Where did she go...?!
Lightning: The lair of the unknown?!
Toxic: Oh damn... she better not of went there! Let's go and find her!
Rorita: NO, your okay, I don't wanna go there...!
Lightning: Ooh, I do!
Merapi: Same. I'm going!
Coal: Me too -- Wtf, now Trean's gone.
Stardust: Hey everyone!
Merapi: What? Oh, hey Stardust!
Stardust: What's going on? Everyone looks worried... Oh wait, Ada's gone. Shes gone somewhere she shouldn't have, hasn't she?
Rorita: How the heck did you know?!
Lightning: Pfff...
Stardust: I'm clever.
Stardust: So, where?
Rorita: Some lair of this dragon-eating beast.
Stardust: What?!
Toxic: Some lair of this dragon-eating beast.
Stardust: Oh right... Well, we should really go find her. Let's go, quickly, before something happens!
Toxic: Let's go then. Trean must have went to find her aswell.
*They fly off to go to the lair of the unknown...*
this is not my story this is :iconcynder4spyro: story dont comment on me comment on her
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CynderSpyrolover Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
XD "Damn right you are, you mind reader!" XD XDXDXDDXDXDXDDXDXDXD Hilarious except StarDust can read minds XD maybe she did
Trean-Dragon-King Featured By Owner May 3, 2011
lol maby
CynderSpyrolover Featured By Owner May 6, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
cynder4spyro Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011
Thanks! ^^
Trean-Dragon-King Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011
no problem
cynder4spyro Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011
LoungingLemming Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011  Student General Artist
its good to see Merapi making friends!!! i really liked the part where Toxic says "he made it worse!!!" XDD
cynder4spyro Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
I know, I thought that bit was funny XDD I can just imagine Merapi saying "FAT!" and Toxic's face. XD
LoungingLemming Featured By Owner May 1, 2011  Student General Artist
omg, yes! i can totally imagine that!
i was home alone, so i read the whole thing outloud XD
cynder4spyro Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
Lol XD
I also like how Trean calls Coal a 'cow' ... O.o
LoungingLemming Featured By Owner May 1, 2011  Student General Artist
i liked it when Toxic calls Trean "fluffy" XD
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